Thanks to SuperOffice we can now handle customer inquiries 10-20% faster

Jeannette Kuhlendahl Management

The Challenge

The Dialoghaus GmbH is aprovider for everyone who does dialogue marketing to win new customers. From crossmedia targeting to mailings and inserts, to data editing and analysis and production of merchandising articles.

Dialoghaus offers all this out of one hand to their customers in B2B and B2C. Dialoghaus was founded in 1997 and currently employs 22 people , divided almost equally between the two locations Hamburg and Langenfeld near Dusseldorf . The company has an annual turnover of 5 million Euros .

Dialoghaus was using a CRM system since 1999, but not all possibilities have been exhausted and it has rather been used for pure address data management. In 2013 it was decided that it was time for something new. In the first stage it was examined whether it makes sense to bring the old system up to date which had not been updated for many years. The greatest fear was that data might not be fully accepted during the migration to a new system or might even be lost. But when it was clear that the current version of the old system would not meet the requirements that Dialoghaus has in the meantime, it was decided to look out after a new system.

The name SuperOffice sounds simple. And that is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a system that is easy to understand and to operate.

Jeannette Kuhlendahl

The Solution

When looking at a CRM vendor overview in a professional journal SuperOffice caught the eye.

“The name SuperOffice sounds simple. And that is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a system that is easy to understand and to operate“, says Jeannette Kuhlendahl, General Manager at Dialoghaus.

They had a closer look at SuperOffice CRM and they liked the look of the surface right from the start. The use of the CRM seemed easy to be learned. The high adaptability of the system to the requirements was another aspect that spoke in favor of the introduction of SuperOffice. The system was implemented in less than 2 months. Contrary to initial fears the migration of the data in the new system worked without a hitch. Each branch office had a day of training and then the employees were able to work productively with SuperOffice.

The Results

Today Dialoghaus does not only use the CRM for the sole address data management, but has adapted to the new system and to the new opportunities. Everyone in the company is working with SuperOffice.

”One department is now almost completely paperless, because everything is stored in SuperOffice“, Jeannette Kuhlendahl mentions. Everyone in the company uses the system, but there are certainly differences in the use. The sales department uses SuperOffice in full. In particular, the sales function and the projects are very helpful here. The marketing department is working intensively with the projects. Each exhibition is completely displayed within this function and also e.g. the planning of the weekly newsletter.

Soon Dialoghaus will also use SuperOffice eMarketing to have the whole process inside SuperOffice instead of just the pure planning of the newsletters. The management uses SuperOffice intensively and is pleased with the increased transparency, ease of scheduling and the evaluation options. When asked if the picture of the staff has changed in the eyes of the customer, Mrs. Kuhlendahl answers: “We have always been working very customer-oriented, but thanks to SuperOffice we can now handle customer inquiries and orders 10-20% faster”. But working with SuperOffice does not only have a positive effect on customer relations, but also on the cooperation within the company. The reason is that the transparency and fast and easy access to information have changed the whole cooperation and strengthened the teamwork at Dialoghaus.

  • Processing customer orders is now 10-20% faster, because everything is transparent and the information is quickly accessed
  • High adaptability to the needs and processes within the company
  • The teamwork has improved because the team can now work more efficiently with each other - Higher productivity

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