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Meet our new Managing Director of SuperOffice Denmark

Recently, Ole Lundgren has joined the team of SuperOffice Denmark as the new Sales Director.

While Ole will run the Commercial operations in the country, Lene Sikker Vulpius will act as the formal Managing Director for the legal entity SuperOffice Danmark A/S.

Our CMO, Fredrik Selander reached out to Lene to congratulate her and ask a couple of questions.

Congratulations on your new role, Lene! How does it feel in your new position?


I was honored to be asked by the Board of Directors to take on this role. I feel we have a great management team in Denmark who works closely together, and I am lucky to be a part of it.

What’s your main responsibility in the new role?

Well, as you state it is mainly a formal role, so my main responsibilities are still my tasks as the Finance Manager for SuperOffice Danmark.

But the main “icing on the cake” is that I am the responsible for the day-to-day management of all activities in the company, registered by the Danish Business Authorities as authorized to sign the company, making sure we follow the rules of governance, local law, etc., and reporting to the Board of Directors on any deviations or major issues.

And if we don’t follow legal requirements, I am the one going to jail. 😆

At the office in Denmark, we have employees reporting to many different people within the Group: CRO, CMO, CFO, Head of Service, But we are also one team, and there are issues and tasks that need to be handled for all employees, such as, for example, managing our office, local guidelines, and hosting Parliament meetings, local bootcamps, etc. – all in collaboration with the management team.

How are you and Ole collaborating in this new setup?

Every day Ole and I are using each other for sparring and input on how to run the office and work towards the goals that we were given. Ole is responsible for the sales team and revenue generation, but this is, of course, a joint effort of all employees in Denmark. So, we involve each other in all major decisions.

Ole, being the new guy with lots of new input, and I, the (very) old girl – we complement each other very well. It is a pleasure to have Ole onboard!

Thanks, Lene. Welcome and, once again, congratulations on your new role!

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