Meet our new Head of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is the art of combining the right data, digital tools, and channels to work strategically towards your goals. It’s not about doing everything at once or overwhelming your customers with information. It’s about giving them a personal experience, assisting them through every step of their journey – from the first step of curiosity, or awaken curiosity, to the day the deal is signed. To do so, you need a holistic point of view. Because in the end, you must see the big picture to understand which components will create the best buying journey for your customers.

Just like digital marketing itself, my career has been a combination of technical and creative components. For a long time, I didn’t think there was a way for me to combine what seemed like two conflicting interests. I loved graphic design, but I was also drawn to engineering. I liked numbers, but I also wanted to do something with an artistic flair. When I got my first job in digital marketing, I finally got the chance to do both. I had found a career that allowed me to join the forces of my different passions, and since then I’ve never doubted that this was the path for me.

In January my path brought me to SuperOffice. Working with a company with such a strong foundation and big ambitions is a true honor and the ideal mix for creating outstanding marketing. I’m thrilled to assist this wonderful and welcoming business, and I can’t wait to implement a powerful digital marketing strategy.

My focus for our digital marketing team is something as simple, but crucial as this: I want us to work smarter. Right now, our marketing department is in the process of centralizing, unifying, and streamlining our efforts. This will optimize our entire work process and make sure every team member utilizes their time in the best possible way. And it’s just the beginning.

Going forward, the Digital Marketing team and I will work on updating our primary digital channels to give them a more modern feel, make sure we reach customer profiles ideal for a SuperOffice solution, and that their questions and wonders are greeted with understanding.

This is an important part of getting SuperOffice one step closer to reaching our goals for growth. Because, as you might know, SuperOffice has big plans. To get us to our long-term goals, we need a mix of short-term and long-term actions. This is where every single digital marketing effort comes in; it's where every small component is contributing to the bigger picture.

But having a holistic view on digital marketing is not only about the data or the tools we use. It’s also about getting the full overview of SuperOffice by working closely with colleagues from across the organization. This way we gain a deeper understanding of our products and most importantly our customers. Luckily, no one knows our customers better than our salespeople. They are out there, talking to potential and existing customers daily, gaining experience crucial to building useful digital marketing. What’s even luckier is that SuperOffice is filled with kind and welcoming colleagues, ready to share their knowledge. Because it’s true what they say: teamwork truly makes the dream work.

Going forward, SuperOffice has high ambitions, and naturally so does the Digital Marketing team. We want a lot more people and businesses to know SuperOffice as a CRM leader within sales, services, and marketing. And the Digital Marketing team wants to be an important contributor to SuperOffice’s continued growth.

To get there, we will create a more seamless and unified customer journey across our channels. We will be more personal throughout our efforts to make sure we get the right information to the right people. And we will utilize new cool tools, that will help us measure more and get us more information.

To sum up, our ambitions are high, and so is my hope for the future. From here there are so many things to be excited about, so many new initiatives to bring out into the world. Throughout, I will do my best to make sure we don’t lose focus. I will try hard and work hard to ensure we work smarter. And I will always keep an eye on the big picture. 

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